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Chattanooga Continuum, Empi Continuum Chattanooga Continuum Kit

The Chattanooga® Continuum™ is a portable 2 channel stimulator used by therapists in clinics and patients at home to provide electrical stimulation treatments in pain management (TENS) and neuro muscular stimulation (EMS/NMES).

Whether looking to strengthen muscles to help prevent injury, or during recovery following trauma or surgery, clinicians and their patients can experience improved results by incorporating Continuum into their treatment. Along with its portability, the device's optional remote switches make it suitable for functional rehabilitation. And by combining TENS with NMES, users can simultaneously help manage pain and enhance exercise, thereby shortcutting the traditional muscle recovery cycle. Factor in a choice of program options including customizable waveforms, and you have a highly versatile and user-friendly rehabilitation tool that can help deliver optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Our Price: $399.99